Never Made It To Paris.

Hello to everyone out there, and thank you for coming to my blog. My name is Bryan Ham and I am a Photographer and Traveler from Columbia, South Carolina. My favorite color is blue and I enjoy eating Lucky Charms Cereal, on a regular basis, hoping they will work...

Anyways, this blog talks about my life as a Photographer and the challenges I went/ will go through to find my "creative voice" in photography. I also will be talking about my travels and experiences, my inspirations, my goals and dreams while progressing as a Photographer, and of course about the people/ models I have met by chance and have photographed on my journeys while discovering myself and my craft.

As time has passed and the stories that I have collected so far have only been hand-written and saved in my memory bank, its never too late to start a blog to reach out and to share more.

The Title of my blog is called "Never Made It To Paris."

Why the name "Never Made It To Paris?" ...  A lyric and a rhythm and a Thought... by The Roots from the album Things Fall Apart, song titled "You got me" with Erykah Badu.

"Taking classes abroad
She studying film and photo flash focus record
Said she workin on a flick and
Could my click do the score
She said she loved my show in Paris
At Elysee Montmartre
And that I stepped off the stage
And took a piece of her heart
We knew from the start that
Things fall apart,"

As their are a few other factors that play a part in my titling deriving from history that intrigue me, it's definitely something special when a melody plays in your head over and over and year after year almost like a blueprint, inspiration and spelling out the hard truths about travel, love and relationships while abroad all in a lyric. This song and these lyrics gave me an audible taste of being an international and an artist abroad at an early age; while hinted at the successes and struggles I would go through by constantly being away. It opened my mind to hear more about how Black Americans are traveling abroad for further knowledge, a broader audience and to broaden their perspectives for their art.

"Never Made It To Paris"  as a title, it is just kind of poetic to me. I don't necessarily have to make it to Paris to be exact, but it is saying to me that, although I can easily go there as a tourist, I want to make it there to my poetic plateau one day as a Photographer at the top of my craft.

Like a beacon that seems to call to all artists and creatives from around the world to come and express themselves as they strive to push the limits of their creative abilities, as well as to compete against and learn from the "creative giants" on the world stage; Paris is surrounded by art, historic architecture, scenic romantic streets, and an atmosphere, from what I hear, that tends to draw out whatever creative passions you may have in you. As Paris is obviously not the only place in the world where you can feel as though your creative potential will be amplified, whether it be your hometown or any other place on this earth, this is where I have my sights set upon and what is speaking to me.

Definitely I want to thank you all for visiting my blog, and hope you enjoy.


Bryan Ham